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Balehageru is an Amharic word which literally means one with a homeland.
The meaning goes much deeper and is used to imply one with identity,
culture, and ways of life. This is true for the land called Ethiopia that
has enormous diversity, spectacular beauty, landscape of lakes and volcanoes,
lush rainforests and ruins dating back to the first century.

* We focus only in a highly defined area, where our in-depth local
knowledge and expertise is unmatched.

balehageru trekkingethiopia a specialist company with independent status – so we can keep
everything on a much more personal level.

* our trekking company  take the time to talk to you, and find out what you really want,
giving your booking individual attention.

* With over 2 years trekking  experience you can rely on us for personal recommendations
on everything from rooms to which restaurant to dine in.

* Above all, you’ll find our team just as enthusiastic as you when planning and
booking a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip! – We want to get your holiday right, so do
call to talk through any of your ideas.

* Our trips and trekking,  are put together as narratives, allowing that particular
chapter of the human story to develop organically as you travel. Sites are never
considered in arid isolation, but seen as part of the greater story. Our
journeys are not itineraries including famous sites, they are created by people
who know and understand the past as Journeys through the Past.

Our Staff

Our staff bring many years of professional and personal travel experience to ensure every booking is handled with excellence and professionalism.  We are truly dedicated to providing quality service and expert knowledge to our clients, from the initial point of contact through the end of their stay and often long after they have returned to their home country.

Our office staff is a group of young, vibrant people who will assist you with all of your pre-trip planning needs.  Once on the road, you will be lead by our excellent field staff who are a wealth of knowledge and work in a myriad of ways to ensure an unforgettable experience.  Our fleet of 4WD vehicles, minibuses and Coaster buses will meet the needs of any group size.  Our vehicles are driven by professional Ethiopian driver/guides with expert knowledge in their country.  All drivers are well-trained and English-speaking and make wonderful travel companions for our guests.  For larger groups, we have a large staff of well-trained guides with proficiency in a variety of languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Czech.


Our Values

  • We value higher customer satisfaction much more than making money from it.
  • We value Safety  and well being of our clients.
  • We believe that tourism should benefit the local communities of a destination.  To that effect, we support community-based tourism projects and organizations that focus on societal development.


Our Services

We offer service according to our clients private interest  in order to meet their specific needs.  We  are welling to organize different kinds of tours  including individuals, groups, business travelers, photographers, student groups, volunteers, and meeting & conference organizers.  Our services includes:

  • Trekking
  • Historical place
  • Tribs
  • Vehicle hire with driver
  • Domestic flight bookings
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfer service
  • Professional guide service in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Czech and other languages on request
  • Community-based & traveler’s philanthropy tourism experiences

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