Balehageru is an Amharic word which literally means one with a homeland.
The meaning goes much deeper and is used to imply one with identity,
culture, and ways of life. This is true for the land called Ethiopia that
has enormous diversity, spectacular beauty, landscape of lakes and volcanoes,
lush rainforests and ruins dating back to the first century.

* We focus only in a highly defined area, where our in-depth local
knowledge and expertise is unmatched.

* We’re a specialist company with independent status – so we can keep
everything on a much more personal level.

* We’ll take the time to talk to you, and find out what you really want,
giving your booking individual attention.

* With over 10 years experience you can rely on us for personal recommendations
on everything from rooms to which restaurant to dine in.

* Above all, you’ll find our team just as enthusiastic as you when planning and
booking a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip! – We want to get your holiday right, so do
call to talk through any of your ideas.

* Our trips and tours are put together as narratives, allowing that particular
chapter of the human story to develop organically as you travel. Sites are never
considered in arid isolation, but seen as part of the greater story. Our
journeys are not itineraries including famous sites, they are created by people
who know and understand the past as Journeys through the Past.

About Ethiopia 

Ethiopia – a tourist paradise (and Africa’s best-kept secret)

Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes, a land of remote and wild places.
Some of the highest (and most stunning) places on the African continent are found in
Ethiopia, including the Simien Mountains, the rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, other
ancient sites in Tigray, not to mention other national parks and mountain and lakeside
areas in the south of the country.

But more than the places to visit a friendly welcome awaits the visitor to Ethiopia.
Come and experience the country for yourself!

Ethiopia is surprisingly pleasant all year round, with temperatures in Addis Ababa
staying around the 20oC (68oF) mark regardless of season. The rainy season is June
to the end of September for most of the country, making the moist Lower Omo Valley a
place to avoid in April, May and October

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