Nov 252014

Trekking to bale

For 8Naight 9 Days

Transport: Surface

Tour cod  BA/TB 12

Day 1:  Arrive Addis Ababa

Arrive at the Addis Ababa and be welcomed by Grand Holidays Ethiopia representative and transferred to your hotel.

O/N: hotel-Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Addis-Ethiopian Rift Valley – Dinsho

After breakfast drive through Ethiopian Great Rift Valley en-route enjoying the beautiful Rift Valley Lakes and  the spectacular mountain scenery.

The rest of the day,  walk around the Juniper forest around the park headquarter and explore the area where high concentration of the Bale Mountains Nayal, Minilik Bush Buck and other mammals are found.

O/N: Camping at Dinsho.

Day 3:  Dinsho – Geysay Valley – Dinsho (3250m)

Trekking time: 5-6 hrs
Trek to Geysay Valley, to the northerly extension of the park. Here, while trekking in the indigenous forest, it’s possible to spot the endemic Minilik Bush Buck and Mountain Nyala and other mammals including the endemic Ethiopian Wolf.

O/N: Camping at Dinsho.

Day 4:   Dinsho – Weib  Valleys-Fincha ábera

Trekking time: ~6 hrs
Trek and pass through the lovely Weib Valley and the finally reach at the beautiful waterfall of Finch’abera.

O/N: Camping

Day 5:  Fincha ábera-Merero-Wasmea

Trekking time: 8 hrs
Trek beneath the peaks of Merero; see and taste the strange mineral springs before making the steep ascent out of the head of the valley onto the Sanette Plateau.

O/N:  Camping

Day 6: Wasama Valley – Batu – Garba Guracha Lake

Trekking time: 9 hrs
Climb Batu (4203 m), and then trek on across the arms of the Batu horseshoe, to camp beside lovely Garba Guracha Lake-set beneath towering cliffs in the head of the Tegona Valley.

O/N: Camping at Garba Guracha.

Day 7: Garba Guracha-Konthe – Goba

Trekking time: 3 hrs
Trek across the Plateau enjoying the stunning highland scenery full of small lakes and the reach at the pick of Konthe (4100m) . Meet veichles at Konthe and drive to Goba.

O/N: Wabe Shebele Hotel

Day 8: Goba-Wendogenet

In the morning, drive to Wondogent. The rest of the day have a relaxing trek in the mountain covered by natural forest.

O/N: hotel-Wendogenet.

Day 9: Wendogenet-Addis Ababa

After breakfast drive back to Addis Ababa. The rest of the day, city tour of Addis Ababa.  and  Dinar at Habesh 2000End of tour.

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