Dec 092014

Trekking simen Mountains,gondar,Axum,Lalibela
Tour Duration: 16 Days/15 Nights
Code: BT/TA/0026
Transport: Flight and Surface

1. Arrive Addis Ababa, city tour.
2. Fly to Gondar and visit the Castles and Churches.
3. Drive to SankAber. O/N camp.
4. Start Trekking from Sankaber-Geech.
5. Geech, mount Imetgogo & Kedadit O/N Geech.
6. From Geech to Chenek.
7. From Chenek-Hambiquo.
8. Climb Ras Dashen (4620 mts) back to Ambico.
9. From Ambico -Arko Azeye.
10. From ArkoAzeye-Lamo (Mekarebya).
11. From Lamo-Hawaza.
12. From Hawaza- Arkay meet the vehicles and drive to Axum.
13. Tour of Axum.
14. Fly to Lalibela . visit round lalibela cherch
15. Lalibela to Asheten Maryam
16.Flay  Lalibela  to Addis Ababa shopping and diner at habesha 2000 traditional restaurant Dispatcher.

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