Nov 252014

Trekking around Lalibela
This trek offers a unique and unrivalled combination of history, culture  and spectacular scenery. Winding its way from the Abune Yosef  Mountains, across the Wedebye, Degosach plain and passing through beautiful afro alpine forest, small remote villages and farm lands and  ancient cave churches which dates back to the 6th century and 12 century.

The itinerary includes:  the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Abune Yosef  Mountain, third highest pick in Ethiopia and some less known cave churches, which takes in beautiful mountain and farm  scenery as we follow Lasta Mountains Ranges.

This trip is just a perfect introduction to Ethiopia’s  incredible diversity of less known and less visited ancient civilization, culture and nature. Here, the incomparable scenery of the Abune Yosef Mountain  contrasts with some of the most beautiful scenery of the Low Lands of Bilbala and Wag Yimra. This trip is  truly to the Off the beaten track!