Nov 092014
  • Menz guassa trekking for : 5 Days / 4 Nights
    Transport : Surface

  • Tour cod TA/BT/0025

    • ·  Day 01: Addis – Menz Guassa Community Conservation Area. A short trek the nearby mountain top to view the stunning Guassa plateau and have a chance of sighting the endemic Ethiopian wolf. The Ethiopian wolf is the only true wolf species in Africa, and is legally protected. With a total world population of less than 500 individuals surviving in relict mountain tops, it is one of the most endangered mammal species in the world. Overnight at Guassa Community Lodge
    • ·  Day 02: Guass Community Lodsge – Atse Wiha. It is a 6 hour trek through a spectacular landscape of moorland where one can experience the highland flora and an impressive array of bird species and wildlife, including the endemic Gelada baboon and the Ethiopian wolf. Overnight Camping at Atse Wiha
    • ·  Day 03: Atse Wiha – Cheguarit Meda. Today’s trek will take about 5 hours through untouched juniper forest of yegana; a visit to a Menz village called Tebab will give a chance to learn about the Menz People’s ways of constructing two-storey stone huts with thatched roofs and their woven wool rugs and traditional blankets. The people’s finest woven wool rugs and traditional blankets, and are considered to b some of Ethiopian finest weavers. Overnight Camping at Cheguarit
    • ·  Day 04: Cheguarit – Ankober. Have a short trek to the main road to meet the vehicle and drive to Ankober, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Shoa to have a pleasant rest on the mountain top that overlooks the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley and its extensive escarpments and visit museum Overnight at Ankober Lodge
    • ·  Day 05: Ankober – visit one of interesting oromo village  on way to Addia Ababab   End of tour.

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