Nov 222014

Responsible Travel Tips



Welcome to Guassa Community Conservation Area. We hope you enjoy your stay!

You can contribute to the conservation of this unique and living heritage and the beautiful surrounding environment by observing a few simple, responsible travel tips. These are designed to limit your impact on the area and neighboring communities, as well as enhancing your own safety and enjoyment.

Here are some responsible travel tips to observe while visiting:

  • Allow animals to behave naturally without disturbance. Many wild animals become distressed when approached too closely by people or vehicles. Keep noise to a minimum and never try to attract animals’ attention.
  • Do not leave litter in the park, and use biodegradable soaps or detergents in the natural water bodies.
  • Use toilets where provided or bury your waste at least 50m from water sources.
  • Enjoy your visit and interactions with local communities. Discover their way of life.
  • Do not hand out expensive gifts or money to individuals. This encourages begging and may cause local conflict. If you wish to donate money to the community, please ask the advice of guides, the GCCA tourism manager or village elders. It is also possible to contribute to the GCCA Community Development Fund.
  • Do not hand out unwanted water bottles or other items to individuals. This also encourages begging and negative interactions with future visitors.
  • Ask permission before you take photographs. Please do not pay for photographs as this encourages begging and creates unpleasantness between visitors and the community.
  • Be careful with fire. Please be very careful with cigarettes, matches, or when lighting fires. Accidental fires are a major threat to much of the Guassa vegetation. Campfires are only permitted at authorized campsites. Wood for fuel must be collected from a sustainable source.
  • Only buy everyday handicrafts such as baskets, mats, rugs and wools.
  • Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints!

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